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For those of you who don’t know me, my name is José Mijares and, although by some coincidence I was born in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (April, 1967) I actually spent my childhood and teen years in Palencia. It was there where I started venturing in the mountains, seeking for adventure. I was ten by then and teaming up with my school and adventure mate David Herrero: we would reach as far as we could on every journey up the Cantabrian range, day-dreaming of amazing challenges waiting for us in the future. There were no such dreams or future for David though: he perished while climbing Monte Perdido – at barely 19.

I’ve always fought to make my dreams come true and, through the years, I reckon I’ve seen some breath-taking places and lived amazing experiences. Nothing can compare however to the sheer excitement, the pure joy and the intensity of those childhood getaways.

Almost 30 years have gone by since then. In the meantime, I’ve ticked off a number of my old dreams from the bucket list. My life has been ne of constant travelling: some trips for adventure, some for curiosity – some others for business, since I’ve worked as a tourist guide for over a decade, mostly in Europe and Northern Africa. I wandered around the world during those exciting years. In 2002 though, I made up my mind and settled down in Norway’s remote northern regions.

I run my own little company here (Artico Ice Bar and Artico Christmas House) so that I can devote myself both to a job I love and Lapland’s magical outdoors where I can keep pursuing my dreams and quenching my thirst for adventure. I’ve never travelled for work again, but I do set off on exciting, magical expeditions in the Arctic regions at every chance I can get – just for pleasure, for joy and for the will to keep dreaming on.

This website speaks a lot of me – because my life is travelling, and my trips define me.

José Mijares


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