Laponia en Canoa

de Ivalon matti a Langfjord-Kirkenes


Técnicas de Expedición Polar y Progresión en Terrenos Árticos

Campo de Hielo Norte

Laguna San Rafael


con Ainhoa Aldalur, Javier Pedrosa y Lonchas

Travesía de Groenlandia

Kangerlusuaq a Isertoq con Carles Gel



Una puerta al mundo salvaje

Río Lemmenjokki, Finlandia

Sudeste Asiático

Macizo de Hoggar

Spitzbergen Sur

con Lonchas

Expedicción Trans-Andes

José Mijares.

My life has been ne of constant travelling: some trips for adventure, some for curiosity – some others for business, since I’ve worked as a tourist guide for over a decade, mostly in Europe and Northern Africa. I wandered around the world during those exciting years. In 2002 though, I made up my mind and settled down in Norway’s remote northern regions. I run my own little company here (Artico Ice Bar) so that I can devote myself both to a job I love and Lapland’s magical outdoors where I can keep pursuing my dreams and quenching my thirst for adventure. I’ve never travelled for work again, but I do set off on exciting, magical expeditions in the Arctic regions at every chance I can get – just for pleasure, for joy and for the will to keep dreaming on.

José Mijares

Trips & expeditions

My life has been ne of constant travelling: some trips for adventure, some for curiosity. This website speaks a lot of me – because my life is travelling, and my trips define me.


In 2002 though, I settled down in Norway’s remote northern regions. Since then I have performed more than 20 expeditions in the region of Lapland.


Mageroya Island, located at 71º North, displays some remarkable geographic and climatic features: frozen lakes, ice-free fjords, huge virgin planes and a complete Arctic ecosystem. The place provides a perfect scenario to camp and ski on Polar conditions.



Con el packraft las posibilidades de adentrarse en el wildernes son casi tantas como puedas imaginar; una puerta abierta al mundo salvaje, autopistas de libertad.


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