Campo de Hielo Norte

Travesía longitudinal Glaciar San Rafael-Glaciar Steffen con Hilo Moreno

Río Lemmenjokki, Finlandia

Campo de Hielo Norte

Intento ascensión mt S. Valentin con Pablo Besser

Campo de Hielo Norte

Laguna San Rafael

Laponia. Cabo Norte

Cursos 2014

Expedicción Trans-Andes



Técnicas de Expedición Polar y Progresión en Terrenos Árticos

Monte Cook

Spitzbergen Sur

con Lonchas


Una puerta al mundo salvaje

Travesía de Groenlandia

Kangerlusuaq a Isertoq con Carles Gel

José Mijares.

My life has been ne of constant travelling: some trips for adventure, some for curiosity – some others for business, since I’ve worked as a tourist guide for over a decade, mostly in Europe and Northern Africa. I wandered around the world during those exciting years. In 2002 though, I made up my mind and settled down in Norway’s remote northern regions. I run my own little company here (Artico Ice Bar) so that I can devote myself both to a job I love and Lapland’s magical outdoors where I can keep pursuing my dreams and quenching my thirst for adventure. I’ve never travelled for work again, but I do set off on exciting, magical expeditions in the Arctic regions at every chance I can get – just for pleasure, for joy and for the will to keep dreaming on.

José Mijares

Trips & expeditions

My life has been ne of constant travelling: some trips for adventure, some for curiosity. This website speaks a lot of me – because my life is travelling, and my trips define me.


In 2002 though, I settled down in Norway’s remote northern regions. Since then I have performed more than 20 expeditions in the region of Lapland.


Mageroya Island, located at 71º North, displays some remarkable geographic and climatic features: frozen lakes, ice-free fjords, huge virgin planes and a complete Arctic ecosystem. The place provides a perfect scenario to camp and ski on Polar conditions.



Con el packraft las posibilidades de adentrarse en el wildernes son casi tantas como puedas imaginar; una puerta abierta al mundo salvaje, autopistas de libertad.


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